the fifth house

“the fifth house and its planets reveal creative resources which…[are] key symbols of the persons level of self confidence, or at least what she feels must be done in order to attain real self-confidence. [it] emphasizes not only the individuals creative potentials but also vibrations that characterize the person’s overt way of pouring forth her energies spontaneously. It is related to our ability to allow the creative forces of life to manifest through us, as shown by its connection with children of both mind and body.

Both children and true creativity teach us the lesson that we must do what we love to do in order a joyous sense of vitality. This kind of joy is a gift or an act of divine grace.”

(Stephen Arroyo: Astrology, Karma & Transformation)


Corinne Is Happy In The Rain And Snow In Ridgewood, Queens


Playful Haunted House Art Gallery

Haunted Play House is Torafu Architects’ creative exhibit designed especially for children to touch art while frolicking in and around the space. Featured in one of the galleries at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, the architectural installation—a giant, white cube set in the center with paintings hanging on its exterior walls—is built like a gallery space with components that resemble quirky and spooky elements found in a haunted funhouse.

(Source: asylum-art, via smartgirlsattheparty)

source:central european news

source:central european news